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Office Statement

We are a multidisciplinary working office that focuses on architecture, from large scale urban planning to big and small buildings. At the core of our architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at things through experienced eyes. 

The basis for architecture in our way of working is to carry out a precise scanning of a brief, a program or a context. This activity of accurate and systematic reading leads to a matrix of knowledge that frames any architectural decision. Sometimes this framework functions as a backdrop for postponed intuitions, sometimes it forms the battlefield for a bombardment of architectural proposals that gain self-evidence through a process of trial and error. This process opens up unexplored fields, reveals hidden opportunities, or brings together so-called incompatibilities. Through this working method all projects are rooted in their context, but as context has a visible and a hidden part, they often surpass their physical context and they sometimes completely transform it. This explorative approach leads to a working method, not a style. A search for a leading idea, which guidelines the specific approach for every project and the overall structure of our buildings.

Limmattal School

Extension Limmattal School, Urdorf Zürich CH, 2017. Competition. Total 14’570sqm. In collaboration with Johannes Heine Landschaftsarchitekt, Dr. Neven Kostic Structural Engineering.

GVA Airport Terminal

GVA EAST TERMINAL, Geneva CH, 2010-11. Feasibility study. Total 44.500sqm. In collaboration with Xaveer De Geyter Architecten, Ernst Basler & Partner, Logplan Airport Logistics Consulting.

Staffeln School Lucerne

SCHOOL BUILDING STAFFELN, Littau Lucerne CH, 2016. Competition. Total 12’270sqm. In collaboration with Johannes Heine Landschaftsarchitekt, Dr. Neven Kostic Structural Engineering.


Extension United Nations Office Campus, Bonn DE, 2013. Concept. Total 15.980sqm.


School in Port

EXTENSION SCHOOL IN PORT, Biel CH, 2013. Competition. Total 3.250sqm.


OFFICE BUILDING STAUBEGGSTRASSE , Frauenfeld CH, 2016. Competition. Total 11.870sqm. In collaboration with Ernst Basler + Partner.

The Circle Zürich

THE CIRCLE AT ZÜRICH AIRPORT, Zürich CH, 2009-2010. Invited competition, 3rd prize. Total 311.600sqm. In collaboration with Xaveer De Geyter Architecten, Ernst Basler & Partner, B+P Baurealisation.

Schoren Crematory Thun

Schoren Crematory, Thun CH, 2015. Competition. Total 2.850sqm. In collaboration with Johannes Heine Landschaftsarchitekt.


HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, Berlin DE, 2005. Competition. Total 21.320sqm. In collaboration with Office Kersten Geers David van Severen.


ETH Zürich, Student projects, First year bachelor course 2016/17. Lecturers Dan Budik & Christian Scheidegger. Chair of Architecture and Design Christian Kerez.

WHO Headquarter 

EXTENSION WHO HEADQUARTER, Geneva CH, 2014-15. Invited competition. Total 49.750sqm. In collaboration with Tekhné SA., Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten, Ernst Basler + Partner, Amstein + Walthert.


Marzili School Bern

EXTENSION MARZILI SCHOOL, Bern CH, 2014. Competition. Total 3.640sqm. In collaboration with Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten, DR. NEVEN KOSTIC STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING, Amstein + Walthert.

UVEK Building Ittigen

UVEK ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, Ittigen CH, 2012. Competition, 2nd prize. Total 26.570sqm. In collaboration with Ernst Basler + Partner, Amstein + Walthert.

Swissmetal Areal Dornach

Masterplan Swissmetal Areal, Dornach CH, 2017. Urban Feasibility study. Total 144’470sqm. In collaboration with Topotek 1 Landschaftsarchitekten

School in Igis

School in Igis, Landquart CH, 2012. Competition, 3rd prize. Total 2.980sqm.

Kunstmuseum St.Gallen

EXTENSION KUNSTMUSEUM, St. Gallen CH, 2011. Invited competition, 3rd prize. Total 3.420sqm. In collaboration with Office Kersten Geers David van Severen, Bollinger Grohmann Ingenieure, Amstein + Walthert.

Studentcampus La Pala

STUDENTCAMPUS LA PALA, Lausanne CH, 2013-14. Competition. Total 47.700sqm.

Business Center Pont Rouge 

BUSINESS CENTER PONT ROUGE, Geneva CH, 2011. Invited competition. Total 138.300sqm. In collaboration with Ernst Basler & Partner, Aicher De Martin Zweng.


MASTERPLAN LES VERNETS, Geneva CH, 2013-14. Invited Competition, 3rd prize. Total 151.960sqm. In collaboration with Ciriacidis Lehnerer Architekten, Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten.